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Site Move Progress

It took longer than expected, and bugs have delayed finishing the reorganization, but Only In Your Dreams can now be read at  The old domain is still working as well, but if you access the site through a bookmark you may want to update it.

If you use an RSS feed to keep track of new posts (which is a fantastic idea, I might add), you will eventually want to update the URL in your feed as well, but you should wait on that until I actually have the feed situation worked out. The old feed should work fine for now.

Site Reorganization

If all goes as planned there will be a modest amount of downtime over this weekend while I rearrange the site a bit in advanced preparation for the launch of a second, much longer (and somewhat different) manga series, Princess × Pistolier. Which is taking shape somewhat faster than expected, and so will be going live to the world in the not too distant future if everything keeps going well.

Fear not–this won’t have any effect at all on the schedule of Only In Your Dreams.

Starting Monday (hopefully) the entrance point to all manga series will be through, rather than a sub-domain (although the sub-domain will re-direct, so if you have it bookmarked you’ll end up back here).  Only In Your Dreams will (hopefully!) end up at