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About Only In Your Dreams

Welcome to Only In Your Dreams, a sentimental modern fantasy romance manga. You might enjoy it if you like the idea of the reality behind dreams, love transcending the physical realm, and finding one’s place in the world.

Only In Your Dreams was written and designed in traditional manga form as a single volume of 15 chapters (including prologue and epilogue), so doesn’t read quite as smoothly a page at a time as some webcomics do. To help compensate, pages will go up on the web daily around midnight PDT/PST, every Monday through Friday.

The series began publishing on Halloween 2014, and the epilogue should conclude mid-November, 2015, after 277 pages, 15 of which are chapter titles and a few of which are two-page spreads. There will be no holiday breaks, no vacations, no sick days, no late pages. In the event a technical glitch prevents a page going up, it will be posted along with the scheduled pages when it is resolved.

OIYD began life as a novella born of the sentence “Have you ever wondered who writes your dreams?”, which popped into my head in a pensive moment caring for an ill parent, but was always meant to stretch its wings as manga.

The Writer

Only In Your Dreams is the product of the mind of M. W. Marshall, and my first manga effort. I live in the US and spend some of my time in Japan, and have a lifelong affinity for anime and manga as an art form.  I have in the past been restricted to writing prose (for myself) due to lack of skill in the visual arts, but a few years ago I decided to change that. Several years of revisions, scripts, and a hunt for the right artist later, what you see here is the result. I also had to start a little publishing company to get things off the ground.

While OIYD is my first work of completed fiction to see the light of day, I have a range of tastes and it will by no means be the last. My next manga project, the action/romance Princess × Pistolier, is already underway, and farther down the road are the full-length sci-fi/action novel American Wanderers, the fantasy novella The Once-Knight and the Orphan, and more just itching to get out. All I need is time and the financial support to give them the manga treatment they deserve.

The Artist

HannaPhilip is a professional manga artist and illustrator. It is a privilege to have his imagination and skilled lines giving life to the characters and story of Only In Your Dreams.