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Support Only In Your Dreams

This is my first webcomic project, and I’m going to do things a little different from the usual, so here’s a bit more info about our run and the varying ways you can help support us if you enjoy it and are so inclined.

If you want to read it as a traditional webcomic, that’s cool–the update schedule is around midnight PST/PDT, every Monday through Friday, until the story finishes around November 2015.

I’d Like To Help

If, once the story gets going, you enjoy OIYD and would like to support the creators in their effort to bring you this and future stories after OIYD concludes (or are impatient, or would like a smoother, more “premium” reading experience), there are some additional options we’re going to cook up once we get a little more organized and the run gets underway:

We have a Patreon campaign you can sign up for. I wouldn’t expect anyone to buy in until they’ve been reading for a while and are convinced it’s worth it, but it basically works like a subscription; if you pledge at least $2 a month, you will receive that month’s chapters (1 or 2, depending on length), at the beginning of the month, in your choice of epub/iBooks or PDF format (we’ll see about Kindle if there’s demand, but the formatting options for manga are awkward).

Or… you can purchase the complete story in one go, either as a print copy or ebook, which will be made available around halfway through the run (we’re aiming for spring). The ebook will cost you about $12. The print version will probably cost about $25 with shipping; the exact price, however, will depend on how many people are interested in ordering one. Details will be made available once these versions are ready and we’re prepared to start selling them.

Content for the ebook and print versions will be almost identical to the version you can read for free on the web. The versions you pay for will be much higher resolution, and will include a single page that is omitted from the web on account of being too racy (you can also ask for the PG version if you prefer the tamer web version).

If there are a large enough number of supporters, we will additionally produce a short bonus side story that will be included in the full book versions.