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Well, that didn’t take long–our first technical glitch consisted of accidentally posting page 22 in place of page 21 yesterday.

In order to fix this, I inserted page 21 into the correct place in the archives, so just skip back a page to see what you missed, although this means Monday’s page is already up.

At least I got ahead of myself instead of behind.


Only In Your Dreams has been several years in the making, and even this manga version has been in development forĀ almost exactly two years to the day.

As of now, though, it’s time to stop tinkering and share it with the world. New pages will be available here every weekday, Monday through Friday. The story on the whole is 13 chapters plus a prologue and epilogue, and will run its course in a little over a year.

The site is still in development, so the look will change, and if you see anything behaving weirdly on your computer, I would much appreciate you dropping me a note to let me know.

Thank you for having a look, and I hope you enjoy the story.